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Panty Raid Scratch-n-sniff Sticker Pack Pin-up Vinyl Kitch Plakkers

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Leave A little To The Imagination !
Are you a lonely guy that's looking for a scent of spice in your life from a real and wonderful woman? If you're having trouble finding the woman of your dreams (i.e., anyone willing to sleep with you), then maybe it's time to start compromising. Say that you don't strike it lucky one night. You don't have to go home and watch the ladies' exercise channel to get your rocks off, no! You can just buy this awesome Panty Raid Scratch-n-Sniff Sticker Pack! You don't need a real woman; a drawn image of a real woman with some sexy ladies' perfume for you to scratch and sniff at and swoon over will do just fine for you. Ages 18 and up.
Use them on :
.... So many places !

Product: Figuur Erotiek

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