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Dragonball (Z)

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Dragonball Z Vegeta Saga 1 Volume 6 Doomed Heroes Dvd

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Levertijd 1-7 dagen
Earth's top warriors enter into Hami's Pendulum Room where the past, present and future exist simultaneously. After their eventful trip back in time, the fighters realize a terrifying reality as the two Saiyans speed ever closer to Earth. Meanwhile, Gohan continues his own martal arts training under the watchful eye of Piccolo, but a strange transformation takes him over, causing the young Saiyan to rampage out of control.
USA Import Region 1 NTSC.
No Dutch Subtitles.

Product: Anime

Media: DVD

Verzendcategorie: ? CAT1

Voorradig in de winkel: Ja ?

Taal: Engels

Nederlandse ondertitels: Neen