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Sam Raimi

Unseen Force The Films Of Sam Raimi Boek

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From his growing up in the wilds of Michigan, through his childhood days with an 8mm camera and up until his most recent film, SPIDER MAN 2, Sam Raimi will always best be known as a “horror director”. He exploded on the movie scene with the 1982 release of THE EVIL DEAD. Then, two Evil Dead sequels, a comic book superhero, postmodern western and a couple of thrillers later, Sam Raimi broke box office records with his first SPIDER MAN film. Author John Muir follows Raimi through his earliest days of filmmaking right through today with thirty first person accounts and interviews from everyone from cinematographers and producers to screenwriters, actors, and effects people who have worked with Raimi. First edition 2004 printing. 342 pages with a small B&W photo section.

Product: Film of TV boek

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