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Linda Murray Dolls

Linda Murray Jordan Baby Pop

Normale Prijs: €43.99
Onze Prijs: €39.99
U Bespaart: € 4.00 (9%)
Voorraad ? Aantal
In Voorraad
Levertijd 1-7 dagen
Attention: Our last baby Jordan has a broken dummy, the pin has broke off.
This is why we sell him with 30% off.
We will include the dummy (without the pin).
Only Baby Jordan (eyes open) is for sale (the other one is sold out).
British artist Linda Murray's original dolls are issued in very limited editions and command premium prices. celebrated for their beautiful yet lifelike faces and classic costumes, her dolls have won 25 major international awards in six years.
Hard vinyl dolls, the dolls are a lighter color as shown on the picture.
These Dolls are handmade and unique in every way. As a result minor deviations between actual product and image shown may occur.

Product: Moderne Baby Pop

Verzendcategorie: ? CAT4

Voorradig in de winkel: Ja ?

Ontwerper: Linda Murray

Hoogte: 44 cm / 17.5 Inch

Materiaal: Vinyl

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