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Feeding The Masses Dvd Zombie

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In a nation dominated by mass media manipulation, rampant consumerism and a brainwashing government, a zombie epidemic known as the Lazarus Virus is bringing the recently deceased back to life. As the dead feed upon the living, Channel 5 TV News feeds its audience a false picture of the danger, death and doom that is close at hand. The station's lead anchorwoman learns of a government-mandated broadcast blackout of all walking dead news and live footage, so she enlists the help of her trusted cameraman and a demented military guard to spread the word any way they can. With the truth on their side and flesh-hungry monsters gathering in numbers and strength, the trio must warn unsuspecting citizens about the nightmare at their doorsteps…before it's too late.
News at 11…

USA import
No dutch subtitles

Product: Horrors


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Taal: Engels

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