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Bottom Series 2 Dvd Rik Mayall Adrian Edmonson

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They're two revolting, sad pervies... and they're back! Adrian Edmondson and Rick Mayall return in their anarchic black comedy series about sub-culture lifestyles of two repellent flatmates. Living in a grubby flat with only a worn out TV for entertainment, they only seek to enjoy themselves. However, for these two no-hopers, even a trip to the fairground or the local pub ends in disaster.

Six horrible episodes (the whole of Series Two) of sad depravity, including:

Digger: Eddie & Richie enrol at Lily Linneker's Love Bureau to meet the chick of their dreams. Is Richie to fulfil a lifetime ambition - to have sex?

Parade: "This is our lucky day. Free money from the police, free drinks from the saucy-bit-of-alright-behind-the-bar - who I'm-definitely-on-with-later, and now a free tip from tight-mouthed Larry."

Culture: When their TV is taken away (Richie spent the rent money at Dr O'Grady's Personal Organ Enhancement Clinic), Richie and Eddie face a dilemma: culture or insanity.

Holy: Christmas Day and Richie has been marked out as the chosen one, entrusted with a miraculous `birth'. At least now he knows why God has been keeping him pure.

Burglary: Eddie's pissed on Old Spice and bleach, Richie's lost £1.75 and his halibut supper in the process. And to top it all, something's stirring downstairs - and it's not in Eddie's underpants, either.

`S Out: Eddie and Richie rough it in the wilds of Wimbledon Common. Unable to survive on a packet of hob-nobs, Eddie's fishing with a string vest as a net, while Richie's got his eye on Uncle Bulgaria for tea.

DVD Region code: 2
Languages: English
Subtitles: Dutch included

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Product: TV Series


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