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Bottom Live 4 2001 An Arse Oddity Dvd

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The fourth in the series, Bottom Live 4 – 2001: An Arse Oddity is another triumph from the Hammersmith nutters. Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson are at it again as their alter egos Richie and Eddie, more obscene than ever. If you are not familiar with the Bottom TV or live show series, please refer to the links to the bottom right for reviews on previous releases, this should give you an insight into what you are in for.

Yet again, the live show is split into two acts. Act one starts where Bottom 3 – Hooligan's Island left off, with the two guys back on the desert island. Eddie has been missing for three days and Richie has been making some new underpants, from a pair of washing up gloves. Their beloved parrot has a heart attack and they do what they can to revive it, Richie giving the kiss of life (more of a snog really). Yet again, Eddie has more plans in mind to get rid of Richie and Richie has more plans on how to occupy his day. The laughs are there in abundance and this time we even get a song, complete with guitar solo.

Filmed at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, this is another terrific show. Without giving anything away, the first half is the standard format for the live series. After the interval however, things get a little strange. We find the guys in a different place, trying to work out where they are. Have aliens abducted them? Have they woken up in Hell? They even think they may be in the Millennium Dome, but that wouldn't be as full. Meeting 25 years earlier, their friendship comes across again, along with their obvious love of the characters they have mastered. There is the usual violence, toilet humour and sexual innuendo, but why change a formula that works so well

DVD Region code: 2 (UK & Europe)

Languages: English
subtitles: none

Product: Stand Up & Cabaret

Media: DVD

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